How to make a Jewelry Box at home

Knowing how to make a jewelry box at home is important. It will save you a lot of stress, and still keep your precious jewelry in shape.

A jewelry box is a small case that is designed to hold jewelry.

There are different types of jewelry boxes; for example, paper jewelry box, plastic jewelry box, musical jewelry box, removable tray jewelry box, metal jewelry box, and more.

However, our focus here is on how to make jewelry boxes at home. 

According to Zonathan Rayan of Jewelry Cleaning Machine, jewelry boxes are beautiful boxes that are made to hold precious ornaments.

He says "there are different kinds of materials, designs, and lots of categories available in the market to make jewelry boxes, such as paper, wood, plastic, etc.

Note: Jewelry that is kept in a box lasts longer than that which is left exposed.

So, if you don't know how to make your own jewelry box at home, don't cry, because I will teach you how to do it.


How to make a jewelry box at home

It is easier and cheaper to make your own jewelry boxes, using the methods I am about to show you.

According to a college professor, Stephen Burns, a jewelry box is made of recycled particle board or cheap, crappy plastic that cracks and flakes without actually breaking down.

Most times it contains the hopes, dreams, aspirations, and noblest impulses of its maker.

This means that knowing how to make your own jewelry box at home is important.

Burns says that the jewelry box knows what it holds. 

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That said, let's get the ball rolling.

How to make a jewelry box with paper

You need two hard sheets of paper with the same sizes, clippers, a ruler, paper cutting tool, tissue paper, mod podge, and pretty ribbon. 


  1. Get the measurement of the size you want to make and then measure the paper, drawing an "X" across the backside of the paper. 
  2. Fold the paper to give it a diamond shape
  3. Turn all four sides of the paper, leaving the left and the right sides turned in
  4. Fold the whole paper and then fold the bottom corner at the center
  5. Now, cut the fold and the upper edge of the sides, turn down the flaps and turn the sides in.
  6. Fold the little side flap creased in, mod podge side flaps and then grab the two sides

How to make a jewelry box with a plastic bottle

You need a plastic bottle, a pair of scissors, a pencil, cardboard paper, glue, and scotch tape.


  1. Cutaway the top and bottom of the plastic bottle to have a uniformly sized cylinder
  2. Place the cylinder on a cardboard paper and use the pencil to draw two circles that match the bottom of the cylinder, since you'd be needing them for both sides of the cylinder.
  3. Now, use the scissors to carve out the circles nicely. 
  4. Carve out two other circles from a lighter paper and use the glue to each gum a hard paper to a lighter one
  5. Also, cut out some paper that matches the size of the plastic cylinder and cover it up using your glue
  6. Use your scotch tape to firmly cover the skin of your plastic cylinder with the lighter paper, at the top, and at the bottom
  7. Glue one of the cardboard circles to one opening of the cylinder to close it up at the bottom
  8. Cut a stripe-like piece of light paper to scotch around the already cut cardboard circle. When that is done, cut another piece to form a handle and attach it to the now brandished cut piece.
  9. Congratulations! You now have a plastic jewelry box, made by your very own self, at home.

How to make a jewelry box with a cardboard

You need cardboard, a pair of scissors, and glue.


Method 1

  1. Cut the board to your desired size for the bottom, and the four corners. You could use a color paper or you simply cover your cardboard paper with a lighter color paper to make it beautiful.
  2. Use your glue to bind the smaller pieces for the sides to the masterpiece. 
  3. Now, cut two other pieces that match the inner dimension of the mounted box, almost the same measurement of the side pieces. When that is done, place them side by side to form compartments in the box. (You could still cut other shorter pieces to form smaller compartments in the box)
  4. Afterward, repeat the first step of cutting the cardboard, but this time a little larger than the initial dimension for all the sides.
  5. When that is done, bind the smaller pieces to the masterpiece to derive the cover of your box. Now, you have a jewelry box made of cardboard.

Alternatively, you can transform your already made jewelry box to a more sophisticated one. 

Method 2

After deriving the first layer of your box, you can:

  1. Cut four slightly larger pieces of cardboard; for the floor and three sides(the back and the sides) of a now bigger box and bind with your glue to form a garage-like cave but without a roof and door. The sizes should be big enough to contain the already made first layer of the box. 
  2. Place the already made first layer of the box in the bigger structure.
  3. Cut another piece of cardboard that matches the exact dimension of the former masterpiece and place it on the first layer
  4. Now, cut other pieces of cardboard to form compartments on the new layer, bound with your glue. At this point, you'll notice that your new layer has neither a roof nor a face cover.
  5. Cut a piece that has the size of the upper compartments, and the dimension of the lower face cover.
  6. Then move on to the roofing, by cutting slightly larger pieces of your cardboard and binding together with your glue. You could make compartments to the inner layer of the roof and add a mirror to it to garnish it up.
  7. Finally, you can either cut pieces of paper and attach to the face cover of the upper and lower layers of your box to form handles, or you can just attach pieces of stripes to both layers.
  8. Now you have a jewelry box, made of cardboard.

How to make a DIY jewelry cabinet box 

This method is another interesting way to make a home for your precious companion.

You'll need subtly hard paper, a zip, a rope, scissors, and a glue gun.


Method 1

  1. Use your scissors to cut two circles out of your paper. 
  2. Cut out two other stripe-like pieces of the paper that can go round the circles.
  3. Use your glue gun to bind each stripe-like piece to a circle to form a cylinder.
  4. Use your glue gun to meticulously wrap it around the outer layer of your cylinder to cover its skin in a spiral manner.
  5. When that is done, use the glue gun to do the same thing with the other remaining circular piece of paper, beginning from the center and out. Optionally, you could add beads to further beautify the lid of the box.
  6. Now, use your glue gun to attach the zip to the top of the inner wall of the cylinder, binding it around till both ends meet.
  7. Do the same with the lid, binding the zip to it round till both ends meet. Add a couple of beads around the roof of the box, with one at the middle of the circle as the handle.
  8. See? Now you have another exotic jewelry box. Cheers!

Method 2

Alternatively, you could, in the place of a zip, 

  1. Cut a very little piece of paper to bind the cover of your box to its body, at the inner back, using your glue gun.
  2. Afterward, use your glue gun to attach a bead slightly above the outer layer of your cylinder, directly opposite the binding.
  3. Now, cut a short piece of your rope and attach it to the outer edge of the inner roof of the cover of your box, as a hook, directly over the bead.
  4. Done? Go on and lock the new safe haven for your jewelry.

How to make an ice cream jewelry box with popsicle sticks

I know you it is impossible but hang in there let me show you how.

You need a glue gun, scissors, pop sticks, pearls, heart-shaped buttons, paintbrushes, and poster paint.


  1. Use four pop sticks to form a square, binding them together, leaving out a little allowance at all edges.
  2. Mount up more pop sticks on each side, binding with the glue gun till you derive your desired depth.
  3. When that is done, use some more pop sticks to form the base of your structure, aligning them at exciting proximity.
  4. Now, align a couple more sticks to match the dimension of the structure and glue them together.
  5. Afterward, cut four smaller pieces of your pop sticks to match the dimension of the inner layer of your already mounted structure. Now glue the newly cut pieces on the cover you recently assembled, centralizing it as a sub-square.
  6. When that is done, use your paintbrushes to apply paint to your newly made cover. You can write anything of your choice on the cover.
  7. After painting, use your glue gun to bind the heart-shaped buttons to the outer layer of the cover, and then the pearls at the center of the cover, as the handle. 
  8. There you go!

How to make a jewelry box with a toothpaste cover

Have you ever thrown away your toothpaste cover after use?

Do you know you've been putting away a potential jewelry box?

Yes, it's true. You can use a toothpaste cover to make a jewelry box.

This is what you need: a printed paper, boxes, beads, colors, plastic wire, glue gun, scissors, packing tape, paintbrushes, cutter, adhesive, ruler, pen, and pencil.


  1. Get two empty boxes, and using your ruler and pen, mark out one box and use your cutter to cut it open, in a trunk-like manner.
  2. Laying your second box horizontally, cut it out entirely into five equal halves to form cubes.
  3. Now, use your paintbrush to color the interior surfaces of the first box with one color, and the internal and external surfaces of the cut halves, with different colors.
  4. Cover your printed paper with a packing tape
  5. Next, place the first box on the printed paper and use your pen to mark its dimension on the sheet.
  6. When that is done, use your ruler to measure the width of the box and mark it on the paper to derive the same dimension of three boxes, with an allowance at both sides of the paper.
  7. Afterward, use your cutter to form stripes on both sides of the paper, splitting and limiting them on the marked dimension.
  8. Gently run your cutter on the borderlines of the paper (for easy folding)as if you want to cut off the sides, using your ruler.
  9. Furthermore, fold all the lines and the split edges of the paper inwardly.
  10. Now, using your glue gun, apply glue to the entire outer layer of the first box and carefully place it on the paper to match the folds and then bind together homogeneously. You can use the adhesive to do this too.
  11.  To Continue, place the five cubic halves of the second box you cut earlier, in the box to form compartments, with their holes facing the roof.
  12. Moreso, attach your bead to the front layer of the box and glue it nicely. 
  13. Finally, use your scissors to cut a piece of wire and attach it to the tip of the box cover with glue to form a hook, and then use the hook to hold the bead.
  14. You now have another jewelry box. Easy, isn't it?

How to make a DIY jewelry box at home with waste plastic sweets box lids

I know you've had a couple of plastic sweets box lids littered here and there, just waiting to be picked up and dropped into the rubbish can.

But what you didn't know is you could reuse and transform them into that jewelry box you've always wanted.

Let me show you how to do it.

You just need two waste plastic sweets box lids, a fevibond glue, scissors, cardboard, straps of red and gold-colored cloths, a cutter, packing tape, a glitter foam sheet, red color A4 paper, an artificial flower, rubber band, and pearls.

Fevibond is a rubber based synthetic adhesive with a golden transparent paste. It is best used for bonding leather, rubber, wood, metal and canvas.


  1. Get long cardboard and using your fevibond glue, cover it up with packing tape,
  2. Fold it to form a rectangle that matches your sweet box lid and attach the cardboard to the lid using your fevibond glue. 
  3. Get the second lid, cut one side edge, and cover its surface with a glitter foam sheet that leaves an allowance from the cut side, binding with your fevibond glue.
  4. Cut the glitter foam sheet to match the width of the structure you already have and gently run your cutter on it as if to cut, but for easy folding only.
  5. Stick the glitter sheet to the cardboard edge with glue.
  6. Trim the red A4 paper to match the inner dimension of the box and stick it in with glue.
  7. Attach your rubber band to the lid of the box and a pearl to the outer layer of the board.
  8. Holding down the lid, attach a strap of red cloth around the top of the cardboard. Do the same with the gold-colored strap, at the edges of the lid.
  9. Now, attach your pearls around the lid of the box to form a smaller rectangle, with the flower in the middle.
  10. That's how to make a jewelry box at home.
  11. Congratulations on your new jewelry box.

You can see that no one is a dumb head after all; you really do not need to visit local stores to get stuff all the time.

You too can learn how to make a jewelry box on your own, at home.

Even though we couldn't tell you all the methods, there are more than a dozen different tips and tricks to help you make your own jewelry box at home. You just need to be creative.

Do you know any other methods on how to make jewelry boxes? please leave your comment below and I will add your suggestion to this post.


Thanks for reading

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